Tabriz Rug: Origin and Features

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Tabriz rug can be introduced as one of the most attractive and famous rugs in Iran, which is very popular worldwide. The Tabriz rug’s main characteristic is its wide variety of colors, making it one of the best-selling and most expensive rugs worldwide. Here, we have provided helpful information about this kind of rug.

The Origin of Tabriz Rug

Considering the historical record of Tabriz, it can be definitely stated that the history of Tabriz rug goes back to before the Safavid era.
Tabriz rug is more than 500 years old, making this city one of the oldest and most ancient weaving centers of rugs. This high age and durability show the exceptional quality of the rugs in this region. At first, the rugs of Tabriz were woven in simple rural designs. Then, gradually the techniques were improved to present Tabriz arts.
It is necessary to know that after transferring the Safavid capital from Herat to Tabriz, the second art school of Iran (Tabriz School) was founded in this city.


The Main Features of Tabriz Rug

  • Tabriz rugs have a high number of rows and delicate textures.
  • High-quality fibers are used in their texture.
  • The Tabriz rug’s frame is unlike the traditional and old standard design. Its famous method is also called samovar, in the way that two slime designs create a samovar design.
  • Tabriz rug is woven in different sizes. They are woven in small or medium sizes.
  • The silk rugs are in large sizes.
  • Tabriz rug has a variety of designs.
  • A wide variety of colors can be seen in it. The colors used in Tabriz rugs are often harsh and raw, mainly cream, red and dark blue.
  • Tabriz rugs are woven with Turkish knots.

The Last word

Tabriz rug is known for its designs, patterns, colors, and beauty. Tabriz is one of the essential weaving hubs of Iran in the field of rugs. In this article, we discussed Tabriz’s rug design and its other features.

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