Persian Qom rugs

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The originality and durability of Persian rugs are the primary reasons for their widespread fame. Qom rugs are only around a century old and are among the most delicate Persian rugs. The unique design of Qom rugs has always influenced people from all over the world. These rugs are an excellent addition to any home or personal collection.

Qom rugs features

We can put Qom rugs features in four categories:

  • Techniques of Weaving: Qom Rugs have thin silk threads. That is why the weavers can readily display small delicate features. A Qom rug’s Typical Knot Density is about 240,000 – 1,600,000 knots per 10.8 square foot. The higher the number, the better the rug. Because of Qom’s exquisite weaving method, the motifs appear elaborate and highly detailed.
  • Size: Most Qom rugs are produced at more manageable sizes. Larger sizes are highly uncommon and rare. Most miniature sculptures are roughly 7×10 feet in size, while larger ones can be 10×15 feet or even more.
  • Pattern: Despite their small size, Qom rugs are characterized by intricate knotting that uses the composition’s fine knots. Pictorial themes, curvilinear and floral motifs, and dynamic vine patterns are prominent features of Qom rugs. You can see various decorative motifs in these rugs, some of which include landscapes, portrayals of historical events, medallions, and vine work. Some people prefer to hang their Qom rugs on the walls.
  • Material and colors: All of the components of a rug made in the Qom region are of the highest standard. Silk and fine wool are the most common materials; some rugs are woven of two silk layers. This kind of rug has a unique aesthetic. Jewel tones like red, blue, and ivory are commonly used for weaving them.
Qom Rug – Persian Carpet

The History of Qom Rugs

Qum rugs are known by a variety of names; depending on who you ask, you can hear them referred to as Qom, Ghom, or even Ghum rugs. Qom is around one hundred kilometers south of Tehran and is a holy city. The Qom rug gets its name from this location. Even though the province of Qom has not traditionally been known as a center for crafting, it is claimed to be the source of some of the most beautiful rugs that are currently on the market.

The quality and durability of these rugs are typically very high. Qom rugs were not produced until the early 1900s, which is an exciting truth about them. On the other hand, most of the rugs were made before1940.

Even though a Qom rug is not as old as some other forms of Persian ones, its quality is regarded as exceptional in terms of the materials it is made of and the way it is put together.

The last word

Even though Ghom rugs have just been knotted in this region for the past one hundred years or so, they are trendy due to their understated richness and are loved for this reason. The natural silk from Qom is renowned for its superior quality.

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