Qashqai Rugs: Features, Origin and History

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Among Persian rugs, Qashqai rugs stand out for their unique design. The Qashqai are decked out in elaborate and colorful ornaments from head to toe. The Qashqai is a one-of-a-kind Persian rug due to its long and illustrious history and appearance, influenced by antiquity. We have provided helpful and reliable information about Qashqai rugs.

What are the Prominent Features of Qashqai Rugs?

The most prominent features of Qashqai rugs are:

  • The entire surface of these rugs is made of wool. The rug’s long life and sturdy construction are both thanks to the wool used in its construction.
  • Nearly all Qashqai rugs have a red-dyed weft that helps bring out the brilliant colors central to the design.
  • They have asymmetric knots, profoundly depressed warps, and red-dyed wefts. Most rugs have barber-pole selvages and kelims at both ends.
  • On every inch of these rugs, there is a combination of dazzling colors that serve to define the matched motifs.
  • Qashqai rugs typically feature medallions with thick borders and intricate inside designs.
  • A Qashqai rug may have dark blue or soft yellow accents in addition to its signature red color.
  • Qashqai rugs are often available in small to medium sizes. Large Qashqais are uncommon.
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Origin and History of Qashqai Rugs

The Qashqai rug was named after the people of Qashqai. Women of the Qashqai tribe have been weaving stunning rugs for at least a thousand years. Despite the lack of written records, tales about the Qashqai have spread throughout Chinese Turkestan.

The Qashqai settled in the Fars province of Iran around the sixteenth century. Since then, they’ve faced the political turmoil of the preceding 300 years head-on, thanks to their dogged determination. Since they were so concerned with maintaining their autonomy, the Qashqai Confederacy was established. Qashqai is not just one family but a loose confederation of related tribes, including the Ersari and Turkmen peoples.

The Last Word

In the realm of Persian rugs, Qashqai rugs offer something fresh. The Qashqai are typically painted with brightly colored patterns that are both elaborate and widely distributed. The Qashqai stands out among Persian rugs for its unique blend of antiquity and history. The Qashqai is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a showpiece that will impress their visitors.

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