Persian Rugs and Other Oriental Rugs

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Rug design types can decorate your home in a variety of shapes, colors, and patterns. Persian rugs are among the most popular rug types, which are also a variety of Oriental oriental rugs. These marvelous works of art act as a beautiful outfit for your home to look whole and inspirational.

These impressive elements revitalize the home with their style and combination of colors that could get through with different people of different cultures to buy and receive the countless energy and sense.

What is an oriental rug?

An oriental rug is a heavy textile made that is exported from Asia or the Middle East. This popular rug comes in hand for various practical and symbolic purposes and is produced in “Oriental countries” as a valuable property for home decorating, local sale, and export.

Oriental rug

What is a Persian rug?

Persian rugs are both handmade and machine-made and consist of the best materials, such as wool and silk.

These eye-catching fibers convey and promote the Iranian rich cultures and history with their astonishing natural insect and plant dyes and are woven into striking patterns.

They reflect on the works of art!

Rug design types                                                            

It might be challenging to discover the difference between other oriental rugs and Persian rugs since they have a lot of things in common. Due to their ancient and detailed designs, natural wool fibers, durability, and laborious craftsmanship, both are the most expensive and valuable rug design types.

And the intriguing point is that the value of each variety of rug tends to increase as more time passes.

Here are some main differences between an oriental rug and a Persian rug.

·         Country of Origin

One of the major differences between oriental rugs and Persian rugs is their originality. In the old Persian Empire, Persian rugs have been around for a long time.

Iran is where most Persian rugs are produced, even though the limits of Persia have changed over time. Well-known countries that turn the oriental rug design types market on its head include China, Turkey, Tibet, India, and Egypt.

·         Knots

It might require more time and expertise to identify the difference between other oriental rugs and Persian rugs, but the type of knot indicates to get this quickly.

To distinguish an oriental rug is to see the Ghiordes knots, which are symmetrical knots tied to oriental rugs.

The rugs from Turkey and Iran’s Kurdish regions are the best samples to consider.

On the flip side, the asymmetrical or Senneh knot is the most typical knot used in Persian rugs.

Iran, Pakistan, India, China, and Egypt are the countries that invest a lot of time and knowledge to make too much effort in various asymmetrical types of knots.

Final Thought

Rugs can release your home from the dull and stagnant style and inject peace and form into it.

Decorating your rooms with rug design types allows you to redesign your flooring in your comfort.

For example, if you have an expansive room, a round area rug would best showcase this space. Also, rugs with harmonious colors can make an outstanding combination of contrast with the color of your walls and floors; doing so will remove an appearance of monotony and weariness.

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