Mashhad Rug: History and characteristics

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Rugs, especially hand-woven ones, have always had a very high value. Each city, depending on the culture of the residents of that region, weaves rugs in different methods. This diversity and elegance have made Persian rugs world famous; the Mashhad rug is one of the oldest and most beautiful types of Persian rugs. Mashhad rug has attracted the attention of many people in terms of its unique design. It also has a very long history. In this post, we will explain the history and characteristics of this attractive rug.

Mashhad Rug History and Origin

Mashad is relatively located in the northeast of Iran. The history of rug weaving in Mashhad dates back to the Timurid period. In this period, the ‘Herati’ or ‘Mahi’ design became popular in this city and its surrounding areas. During the Safavid period, the Safavid kings set up royal rug-weaving workshops in Mashhad, and rugs with floral designs became popular. During the Qajar dynasty, rug weaving spread from Mashhad to the whole of old Khorasan. Commercial rugs needed by Europe at that time were woven in Mashhad and its surrounding cities, including Kashmir.


Mashhad Rug Characteristics

Mashhad rug weavers use unique patterns and designs of this region in rug weaving. These plans are specific to this city, so these motifs and patterns are not seen in other areas. The Shah Abbasi is an example of the designs of Khorasan, which is somewhat similar to the Herati pattern. The basis of its design is formed by small decorative flowers and narrow and twisted stems. Taranj, Lachak, Afshan, Mahramat, fish, etc. designs are among the other patterns of the Mashhad rug.

Turkish tufting is used on the rug in the weaving of Mashhad rugs. In the weaving of rugs in this city, the double weft method is used, which have high durability and strength. Mashhad rug has between 30 and 35 rows and rarely 40 rows. The piles of the Mashhad rug are made of wool, and cotton is used for their warp and weft. Finally, Persian and Turkish knots are used in the weaving process in the weaving process, the Persian method being more common.

An important factor that attracts people to the Mashhad rug is its color. The stunning colors of the Mashhad rug have always been popular. Among the attractive colors used in Mashhad rugs, we can mention maroon, green, blue, navy, and brown colors.

The Last Word

With its long history, the Mashhad rug is one of the famous Persian rugs. The rug’s original combination of beautiful and charming motifs has attracted the attention of researchers, artisans, and art lovers as a full-fledged work of art.

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