Koliai Rug: Features and History

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In a country where people’s lives are formed next to carpets and rugs and interwoven with colorful knots, a rug is not only a part of culture and art but also the unwritten history of people who use them for their beliefs, values, and dreams. This post will introduce the Koliai rug, its features, and its history.

The History of Koliai Rug

Kurds who reside in western Iran’s regions in Kurdestan, Zandjan, and Kermanshah provinces weave the Koliai rug. They used to be nomadic but are now more settled and do agricultural and animal raising.

Kurds are well-known for their rug weaving skills, and Koliais are nomadic Kurdish tribal Persian rugs from western Iran. The nomadic Kurdish people in west Iran are noted for their skill at weaving Koliais, a tribal Persian rug. Initially, none of these rugs were intended for retail sales. Instead, the women who made them were carrying out an age-old tradition that gives tribal families handcrafted items of use, such as floor coverings, blankets, storage bags, and saddle blankets, as well as financial protection in case of upcoming hard times.

The Koliai rugs are a wonderfully stunning and colorful assortment that will keep a space looking nice. The rugs have a dense color palette, a high pile, and are tightly knotted. Rugs from Kurdish villages are typically marketed as Koliai or Songhor rugs.

The Features of Koliai Rugs

  • Koliai rugs can be loose or densely knotted, and the Persian asymmetrical knot is more frequently utilized than the Turkish symmetrical knot.
  • The colors used to weave Koliai rugs are natural vegetable dyes.
  • The majority of Koliai rugs have vivid color palettes. Kurds prefer vibrant, energetic colors over faded, subdued hues.
  • Every Koliai rug is tough and durable, as they have been for thousands of years.
  • A giant central medallion with beveled corners inside the main border and a classic hexagonal Herati diamond form are common aspects of the Koliai.
  • Koliai’s typical knot density is between 80.000 and 240.000 knots per 1.8 square foot.

The Last Word

Koliai rugs bring life to a room while providing warmth and comfort to those who walk, sit, and even sleep on them.

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