A Brief Introduction To Kashan Rugs

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Persian rugs are famous in the rug marketplace and renowned for their beautiful works. There are various styles and titles of Persian rug—among them is the Kashan, one of the oldest and most refined on the market. Their silk designs are one of a kind, and for anyone looking to make their first Persian rug purchase, the Kashan is a fantastic choice.

Where is Kashan?

One of Iran’s oldest cities, Kashan, is in the Isfahan province in the country’s center. The region served as one of the leading centers of prehistoric civilization. This city is the birthplace of one of the oldest civilizations in the world, called Silk, which is more than 7000 years old. This city has the first settlement and urbanization civilization. Kashan has more than 1,700 historical works. Excavations at Sialk, barely 4 km from modern Kashan, have revealed communities dating back to 6000 BC.
The Kasian people of Tapeh Sialk, who were the city’s first occupants, gave Kashan its name. The Cheshmeh Soleiman, also known as Solomon’s Spring, has provided water to the area for thousands of years. Despite being built on the edge of an Iranian salt lake and desert, the city and its surroundings have been able to thrive and prosper.


The History of Kashan Rug

Kashan served as a vacation destination for many Safavid emperors, and the city is famous for its magnificent palaces. These architectural marvels influenced Kashan rugs. Kashan rug dates back to the 16th and 17th centuries, during the Safavid era. Many researchers believe that some smaller silk designs date back to the early 16th century.

In the 19th century, Kashan introduced its rugs to domestic and international markets. With the increased sales, Kashan rugs have become a popular component in homes and collections worldwide.

Kashan Rug Features

  • Kashan rugs are available in all sizes.
  • Kashan rugs typically have a knot density of 100.000 – 400.000 knots per 1.8 square foot.
  • Kashan rugs are built on cotton warps and two shoots of cotton wefts which are frequently painted blue.
  • The Persian or Senna asymmetrical knot is used in Kashan rugs.
  • Pastel tones are used on the Kashan rugs to create a neutral and gentle impression.
  • The designs are rounded out with primary colors such as red, blue, indigo, and ivory.
  • A typical Kashan design revolves around a medallion, which is surrounded by curved linear patterns such as palmettos, leaves, and arabesques.

The Last Word

Kashan rug can add beauty and warmth to any home. This rug’s motifs and pleasant colors have made it very popular. The information provided in this article will help you get to know this type of rug better and make the right decision to buy it.

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