All about Isfahan Rugs: Origins and History

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Isfahan rug is a cultivated art with elegance and beauty, and its design reminds us of the magnificent rugs of the Safavid era. If you are one of Isfahan rugs lovers, this article suits you.

What Are the Most Prominent Features of Isfahan Rugs?

  • Designs in an Isfahan rug are typically rounded, flowery, or classically antique, such as scrolls, vine works, or lace.
  • Their elegant style, pastel color scheme, and luxurious ivory backdrop have made them famous.
  • Their intricate motif design and dazzling visual appeal set them apart from other rugs.
  • Detail and originality in an Isfahan rug are achieved by the use of highly tight knots during construction.
  • The unique history and age of Isfahan rugs have been preserved.
  • Silk, gold, and silver are the traditional materials for an Isfahan rug’s inlay.
  • A gorgeous wine color serves as the backdrop to these goods. Isfahan rugs are highly sought after by collectors because of their exceptional quality, design, and royal provenance.
  • The knot density of an Isfahan rug ranges from 600,000 to 800,000 per 1.8 square foot, depending on whether it is woven with silk or cotton.
  • While there is a wide variety of sizes available for Isfahan rugs, the most common sizes are those that fall between mid- and large-sized.

The History Behind Isfahan Rugs

During the Safavid era, large rug weaving workshops were established in Isfahan. These workshops were located near the palaces. Shah Abbas, as one of the noblest officials of the Safavid era, had special supervision over these workshops so that the art of rug weaving has high quality in terms of design, pattern, color, texture, and materials.

With the Safavid dynasty’s fall, Isfahan’s original art also fell into stagnation and reluctance. Numerous wars, famines, and droughts caused many weavers to leave Isfahan and move to another place, wishing for another paradise.
After the Second World War, with the advancement of technology and design changes, Isfahan’s handwoven rugs gained attention again. The tanraj, lach and slimi designs of Isfahan handwoven rugs are among the most famous rugs in the world.

The Last Word

Beauty and elegance are the most prominent features of Isfahan rugs, which will immediately attract the buyer’s attention. Elegance and strength have made this rug shine in the world.

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