How to clean rugs in a healthy way?

Tips and methods of cleaning rugs

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Are you wondering how to clean a rug by yourself? Yes, absolutely, because rugs are one of the essential home appliances that can design your home with an amazing view.

These wonderful cover floorings bring color and style to a home and convey a fresh look and good sense while providing comfort underfoot.

With that in mind, you need to know how to properly take care of these valuable decorative properties.

Hopefully, right rug vacuuming, spot cleaning, and deeper cleaning can extend the life of any rug type.

In this blog, we will help you with multiple types of rug cleaning methods. With these methods, not only will you realize how simple and easy rug cleaning is, but also there will be no need to spend too much money on that.

Helpful tips for cleaning a rug

  • You can put your rug into your washing machine if it is tiny and only if the manufacturer has said so. look at the back of our rug and search for the manufacturer’s label. It should tell you how to wash the rug. If there is no label, please check the catalog that comes with your rug, or call the manufacturer for safe guidance.
  • If your rug is too big for the machine, you can deep-clean it by hand. (It is better to do it on a sunny day to wash and dry quickly)
  • If you have hair loss or have a pet, you need to brush to get any lingering stray hairs.
  • It would work best if you tested a piece of the rug with the available rug shampoo to make sure if the colors bleed or not.
  • If you do not have rug shampoo, you can make a homemade one.
  • It would keep your rug looking fresh if you sprinkled baking soda on it before you vacuumed it.

How to Clean Different Types of Rugs

Rugs should be vacuumed regularly and spot-cleaned when there is a stain.

However, each type of rug has a particular set of cleaning instructions recommended to follow on their website or guidebook.

Oriental Rugs

Oriental rugs are the most common type of rugs that you can easily clean.

1.     Prepare the cleaning materials

Let’s look at the proper materials needed to wash the rug:

You will need water, special shampoo, a bucket, and a soft-bristle brush to deliver a complete hand wash rug cleaning.

You can also add extra cleaning tools, including rubber gloves, a garden hose, and a wet-dry vacuum, to experience a tremendous outdoor cleaning. 

2.     Remove the dirt and dust

To remove the dirt, you should vacuum in the direction of the pile, flip it over, and keep cleaning the back side.

3.      Deep cleaning the rug with shampoo

Place the rug on an appropriate tarp or deck, and then check the garden hose to stretch near the water supply easily.

After that, follow the rug label’s instructions and wash it with rug shampoo.

To make rug shampoo mix the appropriate ratio of mild water and vinegar, one part vinegar and two parts water, fabric softener, and detergent in a bucket.

4.     Do a rug color test

  • First, find a small area of the rug located out of sight.
  • Second, dip a clean, white towel in hot water.
  • Third, press the towel into the rug for one minute to see if any color has blended.
  • Forth, Flip the rug over to the backside and redo it.

5.     Hand clean the rug

Now, it is time to dip the sponge or soft bristle brush into the shampoo and work up a foamy lather over the rug’s surface. Leave it for at least five minutes to allow the surfactant and dirt away from the rug. Then you can start rinsing.

6.      Let the Rug Dry

The last step is letting the rug dry. Using a towel to absorb the excess water and let the air dry is a great idea. For easy drying, there are two ways 1) Using fans helps to speed up the drying process, and 2) keeping flip over the rug allows the bottom side dry.

7.      Vacuum the rug again

Place the rug properly in the correct position and then vacuum from top to bottom again. Now you can maintain your freshly cleaned rug. It is enjoyable to clean an area rug yourself, and you can complete the job whenever you like.

Wool Area Rugs

The wool area rug cleaning formula differs from the oriental rugs. Although professional wool rug cleaning increases lifespan, it can be costly, and knowing the cleaning method will assist you in getting a professional clean at home.

1.     Gather the essential cleaning tools

Before you begin, you will need a sponge and laundry detergent for wool, buckets, broom, and towels. You will also need mild detergent or rug shampoo.

2.     Vacuum the wool rug

First, you should vacuum the back and front of the wool rug to clean the dust and dirt.

3.     Bring the area rug outside

Bring the rug outside and drop it up on a railing or fence. With a broom, whack the back of it to get more dirt out. Continue until the dirt clouds disappear.

Do a deep cleaning

Before washing the wool rug, skid your hand in the rug to find the soft direction. So, start cleaning in the soft order and use a wet sponge instead of soaking the rug fibers.

If you are using a branded rug shampoo or a type of rug with the washing instructions, read the instructions carefully before starting to wash.

4.     Rinse it

Dampen the sponge in the second bucket of cold water and gently rub it lightly on the area rug to rinse it.

Be careful no to soak the rug!

5.     Dry it

As excessive heat might cause shrinkage, wet rugs should always be air dried.

Final Thought

Having the regular rugs cleaning is really necessary. It will increase hygiene and help create a healthy indoor environment. Also, termites and other allergies are held in their fibers. Deep cleaning prevents the formation of fungi, bacteria, and mold. Meanwhile, regular vacuuming can help break loose the dirt, pet hair, and other debris.

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