Heriz Rugs: Features, Origin and Description Guide

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The historical Heriz rug, with its striking large-scale designs and varied palette of warm hues, is among the most sought-after of all Persian rugs. Over the past decade, the demand for the best antique Heriz rug has steadily risen. That is why they have become increasingly rare and fetchingly expensive. If you are one of those interested, here we have provided helpful information about this kind of rug.

What are the Features of Heriz Rug?

  • Heriz rugs typically have a knot density between 90,000 and 170,000 knots per 10.8 square foot.
  • Heriz rugs are often huge in size.
  • This sort of Persian area rug is quite durable. This is due to the piles being constructed of high-quality wool yarn that has been knotted to yarn.
  • This rug is better suited for larger spaces like the dining room or living room. It can also be used in high-traffic areas.
  • Hariz rugs have a similar style and frequently feature a huge medallion.
  • One of the main features of this rig is the absence of curved lines in its texture. The slim geometric shapes and broken lines are obvious in the design.
Heriz rug

Origin and Description of Heriz Rugs

The origin of Heriz rug is the town of Heriz, East Azerbaijan, in Iran northwest, not far from Tabriz. The same-named village on Mount Sabalan’s slopes is where you can buy one of these rugs. It can be said that Haris town is well known worldwide and among countries such as America, Canada, Germany, etc. The reason for this popularity is the beautiful rug woven in this town.

Although the original name of this city is Harris in Farsi, it is known as Hariz in the world. The rugs woven in this city are one of the best options for decorating homes due to the unique harmony of its motifs. To put it simply, the rugs of Heris can be considered antique and luxurious. It is interesting to know that many centers in Europe and the world have been decorated with this rug because of these unique designs. One of these cases is the White House.

The last word

The Heriz Persian Rug is one of the symbols of Iranian art its patterns is a good reflection of the reason for the popularity of this rug in the world.

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