Bidjar Rugs from Persia: Features, Origin and History

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One of the most sought-after rugs in the world is the Bidjar. This particular design is the sole focus of several renowned rug dealers, who also collect it. The rug is resilient and supportive because of its compactness and length of the pile. The overall style and color scheme convey a somber yet regal elegance that makes it suitable for a more formal environment.

However, for more contemporary versions of Bidjar rugs, designs that are more florid or decorative and have a less robust construction may be on the rise. Here we have provided helpful information about this kind of rug.

What are the Most Prominent Features of Bidjar Rugs?

  • Bidjarrug is one of the Persian rugs types.
  • Bidjar typical knot density is about 250.000 – 500.000 knots per 10.8 square foot.
  • In Bidjar rugs, the knots are all symmetrical, and the rows are beaten down during the weaving process to create a dense, compact fabric.
  • It is usually hard to fold the Bidjar rugs due to their thickness and construction.
  • These kinds of rugs have an extremely compact pile
  • The Bidjar rugs are from the Kurdish part of Iran
  • Their designs are often restrained and unobtrusive, allowing them to be used in various settings.
  • The most significant advantage of Bijar rugs is their size versatility. These rugs range in size from 5 x 12 feet to 10 x 15 feet and larger.
  • The combination of fame, status, endurance, durability, and materials results in a long-lasting work of art that distinguishes Bijar rugs as some of the best rugs in the world.

The History of Bidjar Rugs

The Iranian town of Bijar, located in the far northwestern part of the country, is where the Bijar rug gets its name. The city of Bijar is low-lying and dusty, and its artistic intellect and culture are unmistakably reflected in the grand antique rugs produced in the region. More than that, Bijar is the focal point of a significant weaving region despite being a relatively small city with a population of only 20,000 at the turn of the century.

The timeless rugs in this collection are hand-knotted using only one hundred percent pure wool; the finished product is breathtaking when displayed against an aesthetically pleasing backdrop. Since they are widely regarded as the superior option for the living room, family room, or formal room, Bijar rugs are ideal for any environment. However, they are particularly well suited for the contemporary home or office.

The Last Word

Bidjar rug is one of the smart choices you can make. This type of rug creates a warm and pleasant atmosphere in your setting, and at the same time, it has a modern sight.

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