What are the Features and Origin of Persian Bakhtiari Rugs

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The use of Persian rugs is widespread. Bakhtiari rugs are renowned for their delicate construction and long-lasting quality. Antique Bakhtiari rugs have unique geometrical motifs and color combinations. These kinds of rugs are an excellent investment for anyone purchasing a Persian rug.

What are the Features of Bakhtiari Rugs?

  • High-quality wool is used to create the pile on Bakhtiari rugs. The warp and weft of the looms were made of cotton, with the weft occasionally combining two colors.
  • These rugs can take a very long time to complete because the knots that make them up are highly intricate. It may take six years to complete some large rugs.
  • Bakhtiari rugs are made with piles of wool that are finished by being beaten firm, giving them a thick, solid, and incredibly durable appearance.
  • The knots in Bakhtiari rugs are symmetrical. They have 15000-32000 knots per meter. As with rugs, the more knots a rug has, the better it is. Heavy work is the main reason for Bakhtiari’s pristine craft.
  • Antique Bakhtiari rugs are often in vibrant colors like green, blue, brown, and dark red.
  • These rugs featured geometrical patterns with floral and detailed pattern work. Usually, cypress or willow trees are used.
  • Bakhtiari rugs come in sizes ranging from 2 x 4 feet to 10 x 14 feet.
  • They are occasionally available as runners and small area rugs.
  • These rugs have a distinctive variety that upholds an incredible nativity to their craft.

The history and Origin of Bakhtiari Rugs

. They lived in the Zagros Mountains. The villagers and nomads who lived in those areas primarily woven the rugs. They began with geometrical patterns but were exposed to the floral designs of other Persian rugs. They created a one-of-a-kind fusion by blending the two and creating their design, for which Bakhtiari rugs are now famous. The weavers were so skilled and knowledgeable that they developed their dyes, blending them into colors unlike any other.

These tribal rugs were not exported until the 1930s. They were only used for tribal purposes and commission work in some regions of Persia. These ancient rugs are finally available for purchase today.

The Last Word

For those interested in the art of rug weaving and all those who are somehow interested in Persian rug patterns, the Bakhtiari hand-woven rug is known as one of the manifestations of pure Iranian culture and art. In this article, we have comprehensively reviewed the characteristics of the Bakhtiari rug as one of the most valuable examples of Persian rugs.

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