We believe that rug is the soul of home

Our Story

Being in the rug industry for more than 35 years, we decided to establish a comprehensive blog about rugs, in 2022.

We are honored to share our rug knowledge with anyone who appreciates these elegant decorative pieces.

Our Mission

Together, we are going to learn everything about rugs:
- How to weave a rug from scratch?
- What are rugs and what are their differences?
- Where are the places that are involved in the rugs industry?
- How to clean and take care of our rugs and remove the stains away from them?
- How to repair our rugs?
- How to buy a rug, what color and size?

Our Vision

With dedicated love and by providing any information about rugs, we hope to become the biggest and moast authentic source of rugs' knowledge for home owners, rug designers, rug traders, and anyone who needs to know about rugs.

Because we are obsessed with rugs!

Who We Are

We find joy in celebrating the sublime image and feeling rugs create.

We were born among rugs, have grown up playing on rugs, and lay our weary heads on one when pulling away from the sound and the furry of everyday life.

We simply live and love rugs!

If you want to know Anything & Everything about RUGS, this is the best place to hover over. www.rugseblog.com

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